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Viggo TV



Viggo SmartNet TV is pioneering cloud-based hospitality media services for the hotel market.

Extend the ultimate Internet-based guest  experience – bringing together content, services and a point-of-sale on every hotel room TV with Viggo.

Transform any hotel screen into an affordable simple to manage Viggo SNTV, delivered from the cloud directly to your guests. Viggo SNTV comes with a Viggo smart box, a motion sensitive remote and a really simple web interface to manage your hotel brand and services, content and guest communications.

Viggo SNTV lets hotels expand the reach and range of services, building new revenue channels and a point of sale in every room, while creating new relationships and guest communities.



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Viggo can transform any hotel screen into an in-room interactive media hub and hotel service platform. Simply delivered from the cloud directly to guest TV screens.

Viggo - your hotel in your pocket





Viggo SNTV delivers interactive hotel information directly to guests, with full PMS integration. Imagine an eConcierge in every room. Order room service, explore hotel dining, make spa reservations or reach reception 24/7, online.


Enjoy your in-room Internet on the big screen. Check your email, post to your social media sites, explore websites, listen to music, choose from thousands of Android games, the web is the limit. Viggo lets you browse, play or work on your TV..


Extend customized messages and tailored media packages for hosted hotel events to participants. Event sponsorships, schedules and related information delivered to all event guest rooms, with real-time updates, Post to all event rooms and offer special related services. (Special marathon breakfast or post run massage)..


Offer pay-per-view movies, including high-definition video-on-demand (HD VoD) with no need for IPTV hardware. If IPTV is already installed, Viggo SNTV integrates seamlessly. Select from an updated list of available flicks and manage parental controls. Guests can also stream their own movies to the TV screen.



Extend the reach and range of your hotel eConcierge recommendations to include local businesses near your hotel. Great eats, favorite stores, local attractions, taxi services, all these can be promoted by your hotel adding new revenue channels for your hotel services.


3 minutes a TV, a WIFI/CAT5 connection and an HDMI cable and you are ready to Viggo. Viggo SNTV is a cloud-based solution that comes with a Viggo box, a motion remote and a media content management system.

*European version shown above. Some of the information and channels listed may not in available in Australia or New Zealand at the moment.

You'll be pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is.....and affordable.