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Dedicated Hotel TV

PROEL supplies, installs and maintains a full range of Hotel Televisions from all the major brands. From discrete 19" LCD Televisions up to the largest LED TV's measuring a staggering 108"

Hotel TVs come with important features to ensure guests have a pleasurable stay and hoteliers have minimal maintenance issues. Standard hotel mode TVs provide the following features:


  • Menu Lock (prevent guests ability to change hotel TV settings)
  • Volume Restriction (prevent guests using excessive volume)
  • Power-Up Channel (specify the channel or input on power-up or from standby)

Enhanced hotel system TVs also offer the following

  • Welcome Message (display a standard message at power-up)
  • TV Cloning (save settings from one TV and use to quickly configure others)
  • ntegrated Clock / Alarm (hotel guests can set a wake-up call using the remote control)
  • External Speaker Output (connect directly to external speaker without an amplifier)
  • Extra Power Supply (power ancillary equipment without an additional power supply)
  • Serial Control Connection (enable external devices to control the hotel TV)

* Specification depends on hotel TV model.

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